Tribal Relations

Connecting you to your people to do more


Using our existing and networking channels, our strong ties will become your allies.


Content creation, teaching, training, or holistic causes – We’re your partner to protect and advance culture.


Our skilled team and resources can make your event or project a reality.

Building a stronger community, economy, opportunity, and future!

We are an advocate for Native-Owned companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs. AICS helps bridge the gap between tribal communities and various entities, including government, the private sector, and various for-profit and non-profit organizations and corporations. We accomplish this by building relationships through trust, respect, tactfulness, and discernment.

Tribal Engagement

Professional Liaison


Event Planning

Cultural Trainings & advocacy

Awareness & Content Development

Accomplishing more together.

We’re proud of our heritage and love our people. Let us help make meaningful progress with the right people in the right way. Our experienced team can help navigate and guide your business in building even better partnerships.

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