Construction Management

Connecting people and resources to create synergy within the industries we serve.


Utilizing already what’s available and going after what needs to be achieved is what we’re about.


Ensuring safety and meeting standards are just a couple of what our team excels at.


Accelerate your timeline to meet your deadlines by bringing us on.

American Indian Consulting Services, Inc. (AICS) is staffed with professionals that have over 20 years of experience performing on construction related projects for various government municipalities, large contractors, and private organizations. AICS is committed to providing consulting services encompassed with honesty, quality service, strategic partnerships, and building relationships that help each other grow and be successful!

Building a stronger community, economy, opportunity, and future!

Proposal Development

Estimating. Technical. Scheduling.

Business Development

Procurement. Processes. Capabilities. Briefings.

Field Management

Assessment. Safety. Quality.

Project Management

Submittals. Scheduling. Invoicing. Operating Cash Flows. Project Cash Flows. Closeouts.

Sustainability Analysis Risk Management

Corporate. Small Business. Local. Regional.

Building more than buidlings.

AICS brings efficiency, clarity, and movement to accelerate and bolster your organization’s construction and development goals. Additionally, we help you add value and meaning through and in what you build to leave an even great legacy than just sticks and bolts.

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